This is a very fine fish, somewhat resembling the white perch, though larger. It is found in the lakes of Northern New York, and also in some of the more Western lakes. Its back is dark, with white sides and belly, and with narrow darkish stripes running lengthwise on the sides. The size of this fish is from 10 to 15 inches, and it usually weighs from one to four pounds, though larger ones are sometimes taken. The striped bass tackle is used in fishing it, but it a very skittish fish, and to catch it requires a good deal of tact and caution. If you succeed in finding a good ground, however, you may have excellent luck, as this fish moves in schools, and when not frightened, will bite readily at the live minnow. The season for fishing them is in May and June, and in the fall months after the middle of September. They are exceedingly lively on the hook, and afford a good deal of sport.