Training for rural leaders is made available by the Boy Scouts of America in five different types of Training Courses and Conferences.

I. Scout Executives' Training

As part of the special training for Scout Executives in the professional service, a course is given at the Schiff Scout Reservation, Mendham, N. J. This is a course of orientation in the fundamentals of applying the Scout Program on a rural basis. It deals with rural extension, district organization, cooperation with rural agencies and adapting the entire program of Scouting to boys on a rural town, village and farm neighborhood basis.

II. Three Day Specialization Courses

For both volunteer and "career" Scouters, these courses are given from time to time at the Schiff Scout Reservation, Mendham, N. J. This course goes beyond orientation into the "How" of doing rural work on a council, district and neighborhood basis. It trains "trainers of volunteer leaders."

III. Regional Training Courses

This is the No. II course above brought to the region and given for the benefit of councils of the region.

The length of the course may be varied somewhat to meet council and regional conditions. It trains men who will return to their local councils and districts to train other men and take Scouting, Cubbing and Senior Programs to rural boys.

IV. Area Council Training Courses

Through this course, the area council brings to its rural leaders the necessary training in "how to do the job of leading rural boys." This course usually requires from 3 to 5 evening sessions to cover the 10-hour program. It may be given in an all-day, or in two, three or five sessions or a week-end period, as best fits the time of the men involved. An evening session may be held once each week until ten-hour course is finished. Four weeks with 2%-hour sessions are recommended.

V. The District Training Course

In large councils it is valuable to take the training to leaders on a district basis and hold District Training Courses in all the districts of the council area. These courses are the same in general plan and scope as IV above, and serve to orient all of the people in the district with respect to rural Scouting, and how to do their work of rural organization and leadership of boys. These courses also train District Commissioner Staff Members, men on District Committees and all other Scouters of the district having positions of leadership on committees, in the district financing, as well as for those who serve as sponsors for their institutions and neighborhoods.

Leaders in all lines of boy work are invited to these courses as are fathers of boys.

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