1. Studies its own rural conditions.

2. Through its chairman, it participates in building the council plan, in which the district recommendations have been merged.

3. It cooperates with District Commissioner Staff and all other committee machinery of the district to see that the health and safety implications of every activity and training course are recognized and met, whether in town or on the farm.

4. The District Health and Safety Committee can be of especial service to the District Courts of Honor and general program of advancement, in providing instructors and helping build high traditions of exact knowledge and action in these life matters.

5 Within the District Health and Safety Committee itself it will be found to be desirable to have a small group of men trained in inspections, one or more for Scout group meeting places, another for camping and so on-these "inspectors" to aid the Scoutmaster and his committeemen in studying the individual group health and safety hazards and progress made in meeting them. Score cards may be developed if desired.

Some Activities Of District H And S Committee 60Saftistix


6. The District H. and S. Comm. will find it valuable to hold health and safety conferences with all Scout group representatives and Lone Scout Leaders at which time the vital factors and needs may be discussed. Such indirect training works well in arousing a consciousness of the importance of the job and how to get it done.

7. Encourage each Sponsoring Committee to have at least one man in addition to the Scoutmaster who is interested, informed and responsibly active in health and safety matters for the institution and its Scouts.

Relations Of The District Health And Safety Committee

Health and Safety are factors which touch the lives of all Scouts and Scouters, Cubs and Cubbers at all times and places.

The following outline records something of the far-reaching relationships of the District Health and Safety Committee to all other committees:

For many of these committees it is helpful to have a member of the Health and Safety Committee on each other committee.

Relationship to

Having to Do With

Action Required of District Committee on Health and Safety

Council Committee on H. and S.

Making a Plan Making it Work Rurally

Its Chairman on Council Committee Fit area plan to dist.




Furthering the Health and Safety of men and boys in Rural areas.

Its Chairman on District Committee Responsible to it for results.


District Commissioner Staff

Their direct relation to Health and Safety in all Scout Groups, Packs, Institutions.

See that they are informed, interested, trained to watch for Health and Safety items and stimulate Scouts to do the same.


District Organization and Extension Committee

Health and Safety in new Scout Groups organized in District.

See that Committee is informed and stresses Health and Safety as important part of Scouting program in rural areas.


District Leadership Training Committee

Training opportunities provided for its leaders within the District.

See that Health and Safety has adequate place in courses. Help secure needed instructors.

The Dist. Camping and

Activities Committee

Camping opportunities and activities for Scouts of the District.

Have Health and Safety man on Camping and Activities Committee encouraging Health and Safety provisions in public events.

The District Advancement Committee

The Council Finance Committee

Health and Safety in the Advancement opportunities for all Scouts in the District.

Cooperate with Advancement Committee in getting instructors, creating standards and stirring Scout interest in Health and Safety.

Health and Safety Budget.

Health and Safety Committee, through its chairman to recommend any district budgetary needs to the Council Finance Committee via the Council Health and Safety Committee.