The Chairman of the District Finance Committee is a member of the Council Finance Committee-a two-way representative of his district.

Once the district share of the council goal has been set up, the district job is to raise the money needed and possible from the district.

While the number of workers in a campaign will vary with.the size of a district, yet the general campaign set-up follows closely that for the council as a whole.

The District Finance Committee should be so selected that they shall constitute the nucleus of the campaign organization-perhaps heading up the various divisions of:

Publicity General Solicitation

Prospect List Meetings

Audit Victory Dinner

Initial gifts Permanent Constituency

In addition, the members of the committee must be men who can mobilize in the district enough teams of workers to do the money raising job. In financial campaigns there are a few fundamental truths and considerations which often mean the difference between success and only partial success.

The Successful Campaign

The Scout organization and program must be the

"District's own," program and for their boys.

Definite knowledge of how Scout program fits and serves rural needs.

Rests on good-will and confidence.

Involves getting favorable attention.

Necessitates a careful and complete district organization.

Calls for advance planning and a time schedule.

Demands enough workers to see enough people.

Many men, each to see a few people.

Requires training and enthusing these selected workers.

Cultivate this year for next year's campaign. The basic factors here are good-will, organization, understanding and participation of many.