How shall these different forms of Scouting and Cubbing opportunity be brought to farm and rural village boys in their own neighborhoods? The District is the answer-the District Committees and the District Commissioner Staff, aided by Field Commissioners for special lines and for Rural Scouting-and, unless there are enough rural men on the District Committee and Council, aided by a Council Committee on Scout Extension cooperating with a Council Rural Planning Committee.

How each of these works is discussed in following chapters-which should be preceded by this picture of the relation of the District to the Local Council, the Region and the National Council.

As the charts show, the Federal Charter creates the National Council which annually re-charters Local Councils to reach and serve boys through their Districts, which aid the institutions and groups of citizens and Lone Scout homes which sponsor the Scout and Cub groups. All are inter-related-it is a project in rural-urban cooperation and planned team work.

Every man, every Committee, every unit in the chain exists to pass on to boys Scouting opportunities for self-expression and association with picked leaders.

The National Office

Each of these factors is a link in the chain of Council-wide Scout service to boyhood-reaching rural as well as urban boys in their own neighborhoods.

The District ChainDistrict Commissioners To Troops, Tribes,

The district chain carries the friendly hand of council service through committees and District Commissioners to Troops, Tribes, Neighborhood Patrols, Lone Scouts, and Cubs with similar opportunities for all age levels from ages 9 to 21.

Through Committees And District Commissioners To Troops