When a tract of land is registered, a certificate of title is made out and kept in the office of the registrar, and a duplicate given the owner. Each estate in the land is represented by a separate certificate, on which are indorsed "the particulars of all estates, mortgages, incumbrances, liens, and charges to which the owner's title is subject."87 Joint owners may each take separate certificates for their individual interests, or may have all the interests embraced in a single certificate.88

Same - Mortgages, Leases, and Other Charges.

Mortgages and other incumbrances, contracts to sell, and leases for not more than 10 years, are not represented by separate certificates, but the instrument creating the mortgage, etc., is filed in the registrars office, and a duplicate retained by the mortgagee or lessee, a "memorial" of the incumbrance being entered on the certificate.89