After land has been registered, any of the ordinary forms of conveyance purporting to transfer the title operate only as contracts to convey, and as authority to the registrar to transfer the title.90 The transfer itself is effected by the surrender of the duplicate certificate of title and the issuing of a new certificate to the transferee.91 If only part of the owner's interest is transferred, another certificate is issued to him for the interest remaining in him.92 Transfers by descent, devise, or by judicial process are made by the registrar in accordance with the orders and decrees of the court.93

* Since the text was written a similar act has been passed in Ohio. 35 Wkly. Law Bul. Append.

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No Title by Adverse Possession.

Section 30 of the act provides: "After land has been registered, no title thereto, adverse or in derogation to the title of the registered owner, snail be acquired by any length of possession merely."