40. In American law all legal life estates are estates by marriage, except: Exception-with the possible exception of estates tail after possibility of issue extinct.

41. The legal life estates are :

(a) Estates during coverture (p. 70).

(b) Curtesy (p. 73). (C) Dower (p. 83).

(d) Homestead (p. 112).

Legal life estates have already been defined as those created by act of law, and in our system of law these estates all arise out of the marital relation, with the possible exception of an estate tail after possibility of issue extinct, which is by some classed as a legal life estate, though the correctness of such classification seems doubtful. The partnership ownership of real property by husband and wife, which exists under the community system, comes up for consideration more properly under joint estates,1 and is only mentioned here because it is in a sense an estate by marriage.2