The registry acts generally require the recording of all instruments affecting real estate, except short leases, in a number of states.292 The laws in most of the states provide, also, for the recording of plats and subdivisions, for the double purpose-first, of enabling the grantor and others in subsequent deeds to refer in their deeds to the blocks and lots of the plat as matters of public record; secondly, of dedicating to the public the streets, wharves, alleys, and open places laid down on the plat.293 But the record of an instrument which is not required by the statute to be recorded does not give notice of its existence.294 Nor are purchasers affected by the registry of a forged deed.295 No constructive notice is raised by the record of an instrument defectively executed,296 though it would be otherwise if there was an actual examination of the record.297 However, in Illinois and Kansas the recording of deeds defectively executed is notice of the equities arising under them.298

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Hold estates.300 Assignments of mortgages are to be recorded the same as mortgages.301