The equipment and arrangement of the basement in apartment houses is very important. The boiler room should be large and preferably lighted from the street, and have adequate ventilation. The boilers should be ample to heat the house under low pressure, and there should be sufficient room in front of the boiler to pull the tubes so as to make necessary repairs. The use of a thermostat to control hot water heating is desirable where steam is used for the purpose, as it prevents the overheating of water which is detrimental to the piping, creating too much pressure and corrosion. Hot water tanks should be adequate, and independent heaters should be likewise provided for heating water when steam is not used. A small tank and large heater will produce the desired results, but a large tank giving constant storage capacity of hot water will cause less consumption of coal, and is, therefore, cheaper to maintain. Where pumps are necessary two pumps should be provided, for, in the event of one's breaking, the house is left without means of obtaining water.