A large storage room for coal is economical, as coal bought in large quantities is cheaper. The handling of ashes should be carefully considered, as the more readily they can be taken out the less the expenditure both of time and of labor. The simpler the apparatus in use in the boiler and pump rooms of an apartment house the better, as the ordinary janitor or superintendent can make repairs to the usual equipment whereas an added expense is created if the use of outside mechanics is required. The laundry room is a necessary addition to all large apartment houses, and should be equipped with sufficient driers for clothes, preferably run by steam in winter and gas in summer. Washtubs, ironing boards and ironing stoves are an attraction to tenants and inexpensive to maintain.

In summing up the foregoing memoranda regarding finish and equipment, the point intended to be made plain is that cost should not be considered where efficiency and economy can be obtained.