The use of the best construction for drying frames is desirable, as the expense is very little more, the cost of maintenance is one-half, and the roof is much more readily kept watertight. Drying frames are placed on the roofs of apartment houses, for drying clothes in the open air, and are built of angle irons which are fastened to the roof beams and run through the roof, or else are connected with a wooden platform, or one built of angle iron, with runs laid on the roof, but not going through it, the upright angles being braced or secured by additional braces connected with the platform. The latter method is by far the most desirable, for, when the angle irons or uprights run through the roof and connect with the beams, the weight of the clothes upon them gradually causes them to work loose and to break the flashing, either of copper or tar, around where they pass through the roof, and results in leaks, this being one of the most common causes of roof leaking. Besides this, using a wooden platform for fastening the angle irons to, serves a double purpose by protecting the roof where it is most walked upon by the maids when hanging up the clothes to dry.