A complaint is made to the local school board in any district, on account of lack of room and accommodation, and of not taking care of the children of the district. This board reports to the Board of Education the overcrowded condition, and recommends that the present site be enlarged or some other be selected. The Board of Education adopts a resolution requesting the Board of Estimate to acquire the parcel for school purposes. The Board of Estimate either authorizes the purchase of the property at private sale or directs the Corporation Counsel to commence condemnation proceedings, to secure the property. The Corporation Counsel then advertises for ten days in the City Record and some other papers that on a certain day he will apply to the Supreme Court for the appointment of three disinterested citizens as Commissioners of Estimate and Appraisal. After they are appointed, the Corporation Counsel advertises for another ten days that on a certain day the Commissioners will appear in Court to qualify. After they have qualified, they examine the property and arrange a date between the owner's attorney and the Corporation Counsel for the first hearing.

The owner has the right to open and close the case.

The owner immediately proves his titles and, if there are mortgages on the property, the owner of the same proves his ownership of them. The owner, through his experts, proves the value of the property, and the Corporation Counsel then proves his valuation. After the Commissioners have gone into the case thoroughly, they make a preliminary report of value.

If the report is not satisfactory to the owner, he files objections to the report and is again heard by the Commissioners. If they deem it proper, they may increase the award. The motion to confirm the report is then advertised by the Corporation Counsel. The Court then confirms the report, and the Comptroller pays the amount of the award.