A study of real estate advertising is a study of the real estate business, and this volume is intended as a guide book for the real estate broker and operator.

Undoubtedly, however, many who read this work will desire to delve more deeply into the technique and detail of advertising in general.

The history of advertising holds many fascinating business romances - stories of almost unbelievable successes.

Many rules here applied to the real estate business will answer equally well in other lines of endeavor.

These fundamentals have been defined and elaborated by many authors. A preferred list of authoritative books on advertising subjects has been compiled by Cecil A. Ross, librarian of the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration. They are practical and interesting and of literary merit.

As basic literature for any student of advertising, they are highly recommended. The list follows:

Cherington, P. T., Advertising as a Business Force.

Hollingworth, H. L., Advertising and Selling: Principles of Appeal and Response.

Scott, W. D., The Psychology of Advertising.

Starch, Daniel, Advertising: Its Principles, Practice and Technique.

Tipper, Harry, and Others, Advertising, Its Principles and Practice.

Adams, H. F., Advertising and Its Mental Laws.

Hall, S. R., Writing an Advertisement.

Parsons, F. A., The Principles of Advertising Management.

Scott, W. D., Theory of Advertising.

Sherbow, Benjamin, Making Type Work.

Calkins, E. E., Use of Advertising.

Cherington, P. T., Advertising Book.

Farrar, G. P., Typography of Advertisements That Pay.

Hess, H. W., Productive Advertising.

French, George, How to Advertise.

Mahin, J. L., Advertising, Selling the Consumer.

Russell, T. H., Commercial Advertising.

Shryer, W. A., Analytical Advertising.

Calkins, E. E., and Holden, Ralph, Modern Advertising.

Casson, H. N., Ads and Sales.

De Bower, H. F., Advertising Principles.

De Weese, T. A., Principles of Practical Publicity.

French, George, Advertising; the Social and Economic Problem.

Higham, C. F., Scientific Distribution.

International Correspondence Schools, The Advertiser's Handbook.

Lewis, B. J., How to Make Type Talk.

Shaw, A. W., Some Problems in Market Distribution.

Strong, E. K., Relative Merit of Advertisements.

Trezise, F. J., The Typography of Advertisements.

Wadsworth, G. B., Principles and Practice of Advertising.