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Real Estate Advertising | by Ward C. Gifford

A discussion of the practical application of the principles of advertising to the real estate business

TitleReal Estate Advertising
AuthorWard C. Gifford
PublisherThe Macmillan Company
Copyright1925, The Macmillan Company
AmazonReal estate advertising

Land Economics Series

Edited by Richard T. Ely, LL.D.

Director of the Institute for Research in Land Economics and Public Utilities Professor of Economics in the University of Wisconsin

What is a good real estate advertisement?

What can be done to make classified advertising pull?

What mistakes are made in real estate advertising?

What is the essential appeal of successful real estate copy?

This book gives full and practical answers to these questions. It should be valuable both to the beginner and to the established real estate broker, for the whole subject of real estate advertising is stripped of technicalities and discussed from the standpoint of real estate salesmanship. It contains many illustrations of display advertising and classified newspaper advertising, circulars, direct by mail campaigns, signs, letters and letterheads, periodicals, and other forms of advertising. Every phase of the real estate business is analyzed and pictured.

"Real Estate Advertising" is one of a series of approved textbooks issued under the direction of the National Association of Real Estate Boards. The author is past chairman of the Advertising Committee of the National Association.

Price $4.00

The Macmillan Company


New York

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Reproduction of aerial photograph used for advertising real estate subdivision. (See Chapter VII.)

By Ward C. Gifford

Former Chairman, Advertising Committees National

Association Real Estate Boards, Real Estate

Board Of Kansas City, MO.

Real Estate Advertising Land Economics Series 6
-The First Realty Advertiser
Dr. E. James Cattell, at one time secretary to Jay Gould, now current city statistician of Philadelphia, backed me into a corner and wanted to know whether I knew that real estate advertising began wi...
Rules are made but to be broken! That which is theoretically correct in real estate advertising sometimes fails of results. An advertisement which violates all basic principles sometimes succeeds...
-Chapter I. Necessity For Real Estate Advertising - Purposes And Fundamentals
The purpose of real estate advertising is: (a) To establish public confidence in real estate and real estate securities in general as an investment; (b) To create a desire for specific real esta...
-Chapter II. Kinds Of Advertising - Choice Of Media - Size Of Space - Preferred Position
There are four main subdivisions into which real estate advertising may be classified. The following diagram sets out the various steps. Real Estate Advertising 1. Publicatio...
-Chapter III. Essential Influences - Pleasing Qualities - Methods Of Emphasis - Association Of Ideas - Ingenuity - Repetition
A discussion of the style of real estate advertising involves everything from a study of human emotions to preparation of copy. 1. A real estate advertisement must attract - not displease. An ad...
-Chapter IV. Classified Advertising - Successful Appeals In Display And Classified - Pride - Desire To Design And Build - Saving - Parental - Ease And Comfort - Curiosity - Investment - Speculation - Love Of Outdoors
In real estate advertising successful appeal can be made either in display or classified columns to certain emotions. 1. Pride in ownership. A person who owns his home or a piece of business pro...
-Chapter V. Use Of Color - Magazines - Periodicals - Signs - Printing
Color in real estate advertising is coming more and more into general use. This is particularly true as the real estate broker has extended his operations until he draws his customers from the far cor...
-Chapter VI. Direct By Mail - Letter Writing - Circulars - Booklets - Lists
Investment brokers, colonization projects, cooperative apartment enterprises, large subdivision operators, savings and loan associations and real estate financing corporations are employing direct by ...
-Direct By Mail - Letter Writing - Circulars - Booklets - Lists. Continued
Business locations can be sold by letter as well as other classes of real estate. Dear Mr. Merchant : A number of business locations, which are not on the general market, are available at attr...
-Chapter VII. Miscellaneous - Stationery - Personal Cards - Films - Photographs - Models - Radio, Etc
Everything that goes out of an office or enters into the business life of a real estate man should be considered in the light of advertising. Elementary advertising methods were responsible for est...
-Chapter VIII. Preparation Of Copy - Correction Marks - Type Faces
In the preparation of copy the typewriter should be used whenever possible, for the reason that most handwriting is difficult to read. In planning the layout, due regard must be given the fact that...
-Chapter IX. Classified Advertising - Illustrations - Discussions
The effectiveness of classified advertising depends much upon the choice of medium. The newspaper should be favored which keeps its columns free from untruthful or questionable advertising and news. C...
-Chapter X. Real Estate Finance And Securities - Mortgages
Real estate advertising must perform a double function for the broker. Contact must be established with the seller as well as the buyer. This principle holds true in advertising involving real e...
-Chapter XI. Broker Advertising - Property Management
This subject has two phases. The first deals with methods a broker must employ to attract business to him and the second has to do with putting his properties on the market. The first usually is ge...
-Broker Advertising - Property Management. Continued
The specific appeal is perfected by individual home offerings that are in keeping with the dignity and character of the whole advertisement. This is an example of broker's advertising containing force...
-Chapter XII. Subdivision - Vacant - Improved -District Ornamentation
Subdivision advertising covers a wide range of appeals. It employs every sort of medium from circulars to the radio. An advertiser must analyze his property before putting on a campaign. In low pri...
-Subdivision - Vacant - Improved - District Ornamentation. Continued
Florence Field employs a subdivision broadside demonstrating the use of contrasting colors to attract attention. (See colored insert facing page 118.) The plat is a device to gain interest. The huma...
-Chapter XIII. Industrial Real Estate - Analysis Of Requirements - Methods Of Advertising
Handling industrial real estate is more or less a job for the specialist. Somewhat different methods must be employed in advertising it. The copy should not violate the rules that apply generally to r...
-Chapter XIV. Farm Lands - Colonization Projects - Farm Brokers
Colonization undertakings conducted by company organizations and selling individual farms characterize farm land advertising. While the emotional appeals are the same, the treatment of copy is esse...
-Farm Lands - Colonization Projects - Farm Brokers. Part 2
We wanted to tell you about Ojibwa and Meadowbrook-- because every-body is proud of our community --but it would take so much space we Just couldn't write it all in a letter. So we told the printer ab...
-Farm Lands - Colonization Projects - Farm Brokers. Part 3
Every youngster has the right to a home of its own. The environment of a rented farm does not develop the best in you and it certainly will not in your children. The child brought up on rented soil do...
-Farm Lands - Colonization Projects - Farm Brokers. Part 4
With a home of your own in a country where the climate is healthful, water pure, fuel to be had for the cutting, a garden where every kind of vegetable and fruit can be grown, where live stock flouris...
-Chapter XV. Institutional Advertising - Illustrations
Advertising intended to educate the public in the value of real estate as an investment, the desirability of owning a home, or dealing with a member of a recognized real estate board or association is...
-Institutional Advertising - Illustrations. Continued
What does this suitability of Minneapolis as a great industrial center mean? It means that Minneapolis Real Estate offers greater opportunities than ever before. It means that rapid growth of the c...
-Chapter XVI. Signs - Letter Heads
Color is almost universally used in real estate signs. It relieves monotony and offers the necessary contrast. More than any other form of real estate advertising this medium must have individuality. ...
-Chapter XVII. Publicity - Cooperation With Real Estate Editor
Most real estate transactions have news value and cooperation with the real estate reporter or editor will mean much to the broker. Publicity cannot be considered in the light of advertising, altho...
A study of real estate advertising is a study of the real estate business, and this volume is intended as a guide book for the real estate broker and operator. Undoubtedly, however, many who read t...

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