Business locations can be "sold" by letter as well as other classes of real estate.

Dear Mr. Merchant :

A number of business locations, which are not on the general market, are available at attractive rentals, even though few actual vacancies exist.

There never was a better time to arrange for your new quarters from the standpoint either of rent or available sites, providing you know where to look.

As our attention is given solely to business property, we have advance information on impending changes. We are in touch with owners who will build on reasonable terms.

If you want a downtown retail location, a store in one of those fast growing, outlying business centers, switch or warehouse property or a place on motor row, send in the enclosed post card.

We will be glad to call.

Yours very truly,

West Side Realty Co.

P. S.- S. W. Cor. 31st & Gillham Road, 12 new storerooms - now building - suitable for grocery, meat, market, bakery, apron shop, etc. Look them over.

This letter successfully appeals to curiosity. The post card enclosure indicated provides the means of contact. The postscript is one of the strongest points of the letter. It tends to prove the statement made in the letter that the broker has clients willing to build. It also saves the letter from being too general in terms and serves the purpose of making a specific offering of the property mentioned.

The follow-up system of any mail campaign is highly important. A mail campaign should be fully laid out, if possible, before the first step is taken. Inserts enclosed in letters should be of different color from the letter. If several inserts are enclosed or sent out at different times they should be varied in color for the purpose of attracting attention and so they may be located easily in a mass of correspondence on a busy man's desk.

A complete letter campaign is reproduced in the chapter on Farm Advertising. This illustrates the successful type of opening letter and sets out the follow-up program consisting of six additional letters which build on the foundation laid by the original communication.

It is important that each piece of mail matter in the follow-up inject some new thought into the campaign, or that some thought subordinated in a previous letter be made outstanding and featured.

The arrangement should be pleasing to the eye. The choice between the block style and indented style is largely a matter of taste. Many prefer the indented style because the indentation relieves the monotonous appearance of the page, lends emphasis to the paragraphs and makes the letter easier to read.

Supporters of the block style state that emphasis is obtained by greater space between paragraphs and that the page with the regular left hand margin is more pleasing in appearance.

Successful letters more than one page long have been used, but every possible effort should be made to confine them within that limit.

In any sort of letter writing care should be exercised not to offend the reader. Such notations as "Dictated but not read" are without excuse. It is advisable that the letter be signed with pen and ink whenever possible.

Individuality in a signature need not be sacrificed to legibility, but where a signature is not easy to read, it also should be typewritten.

Mailing lists for direct by mail advertising are important. They should be kept up to date and should be carefully checked for duplications, and names on returned letters should be taken off the list immediately.

A list of past customers properly classified should be a productive one.

A list of investors can be made up from inquiries received from time to time, persons of known wealth or of substantial income, heads of large business concerns, owners of high-priced automobiles, or membership of an exclusive club.

The loan list is easy to obtain from the records. In most cities abstract firms or others make a business of supplying this list at a fixed charge.

Property owners' names may be obtained from the tax lists.

A list of lease expirations can be acquired by noting the expiration date of leases as they are announced from time to time and marking them up in the advance calendar so that they will come to hand automatically at the proper time.

Several firms in the larger cities make a business of selling lists for direct by mail advertising. An out of town prospect list can be obtained in this way. An out of town list also can be built up by subscribing to a clipping bureau for newspaper clippings relating to real estate investments.

Advertising agencies usually can supply reliable mailing lists which have been compiled over a period of time, at less expense than the individual can compile his own.

Births are printed in the daily newspapers. These offer an opportunity for direct by mail solicitation of the parents by the home seller, the savings and loan associations and real estate securities brokers.

Engagements and marriages offer similar opportunities. Marriage anniversaries also may be followed up profitably. This list can be founded on the marriage records and augmented by information from the society columns of the newspapers.

Christmas and New Year's letters are effective if they make logical appeals without the appearance of commercializing the holiday season.

Promotions in business carrying increased salaries, taken from the news columns or obtained through private information, compose a worthwhile list. The increased income should be invested either in real estate or real estate securities.

A list of persons, employed by industries, who should have owned their homes, but did not, was compiled by an enterprising broker who gained the interest and help of employers of labor. This assistance was given because home owners are better employees than renters.

In sending out a large volume of mail it is a saving of time and money to use precancelled stamps, a mailing permit, or the metered machine process, which entirely does away with the necessity of affixing stamps. The post office department is always ready to give information and advice concerning these labor and money saving facilities.

Mailing cards generally should not be larger than 5x8 inches, otherwise they may be crushed or broken in the mail.

Part 2 - Booklets and Circulars

Booklets and circulars displaying real estate wares are popular, particularly with large subdivides. It is essential even in low-priced property to dignify a booklet with good art work. It must offer a genuine appeal. A monotonous lot of pictures all taken from a straight front angle, crowding as much house on the page as the paper will permit will not make an attractive booklet.

Pictures in books or circulars should have something of human interest in them. Grounds and surroundings should be shown. An attractive entrance, a view of a chimney, the roof lines or some other outstanding feature of a home is more likely to hold the interest than a mere front elevation.

Booklets and other enclosures are valuable allies to other forms of advertising, because they visualize the property offered. Accompanied by appropriate letters, they materially strengthen any direct by mail campaign.

They can do much to emphasize the beauties and desirability of a district. Playgrounds, swimming pools, business districts serving the homes, schools and other essentials of a modern home district should be portrayed.

In farm advertising, actual photographs of the life and surroundings should be shown. The future should be outlined. Here also the human interest appeal should be paramount.

An advertiser can best engender respect for his booklet by giving it the respect he desires from others. Therefore the envelope in which it is mailed should be of the highest quality, and should serve as a real protection to the enclosure. This will enhance the value of the book in the eyes of the recipient.

Some operators have developed a mail order or catalogue style of advertising real estate. This is reported successful where the advertising is intended to reach those in rural districts where much of the buying has been done for years from catalogues of large mail order houses. These readers have been educated along this line, and that class of advertising comes into the home with the advantage of being a sort of recognized family friend.