Every youngster has the right to a home of its own. The environment of a rented farm does not develop the best in you and it certainly will not in your children. The child brought up on rented soil does not have a fair chance. If you want to do the best you can for your children, get them a home of their own at Ojibwa or Meadowbrook.

You Can Own Your Own Home

You ask how, - Listen! Rents vary in different parts of the country, but let us take $10 an acre and figure only on 80 acres.

This makes a total of $800 rent each year, and you know that is a low annual rental charge because most rented farms are 160 acres or more. The total cost of an 80 acre "Made-to-Order Farm" with house, barn, tools, etc., will only be around $3500. If you pay down $500 you have 30 years to pay the balance on the Amortization Plan. Under this plan your annual payment will be only $240.54, this includes both interest and principal. That's easy, isn't it?

What The 30-Year Plan Means To You

It means just this, - you can earn a farm home at Ojibwa for yourself and your family on a payment of less than one-quarter of what it costs to rent. And remember that on the amortization plan you never have to pay more than $80.18 a year on every $1000 you owe. That $80.18 a year pays both interest and principal so that at the end of the 30 years all is paid. You can pay more any year or pay it all if you want to.

Another advantage of the Ojibwa 30-year plan is this. If you were taken sick or injured so as not to be able to work and you owed for your farm on a straight five or ten-year old-fashioned mortgage, it would be hard to pay that $1000 or $3000 due the next year or two, wouldn't it? But on the 30-year plan you never have to pay more than $80.18 a year on each $1000. The cream checks from two or three cows will pay your annual installment so there is nothing to worry about under this plan.

The amortization mortgage also protects your wife and children. In case anything should happen to you they could easily keep up the small payments and save the home. That's worth thinking about.

The Terms Of Payment Make It Easy For You

Just as important as soil and climate are the terms of payment, and the help and co-operation you get from this Wisconsin Colonization Plan. The 30-year amortization plan with the attractive little home, nearby neighbors, social good times in the Community Halls and Picnic Grounds and the co-operation and help of our trained advisers, make it an easy matter for you to secure and pay for a prosperous farm home where your children will be given the opportunity you want them to have and to which you can retire in your old age:-

A Home For You And Yours

Talk it over with your family and plan to visit Ojibwa in a few days and let us drive you around the most beautiful farming country you have ever seen. We have comfortable little cottages for you to stay in and we won't charge you a cent for the use of them. We want you to look over the country and stay as long as you care to. Write or wire me a few days before you start.

Yours for a real farm at Ojibwa.

A Home For You And Yours 109

The big appeal here is to the saving instinct. The parental urge is not overlooked but the theme is saving. It is a logical step in the campaign.

The fourth letter presupposes that sufficient educational work has been done to justify an attempt to establish contact with the reader. It follows:

A Home For You And Yours 110

Wisconsin Colonization Company

"Made To Order" Farms

A Home For You And Yours 111

Sunny Southern Sawyer County

Oj1bwa, Wisconsin

A Home For You And Yours 112

We Are Looking For You At Ojibwa.

You have received our letters and circulars from time to time, telling how you could secure a "Made-to-Order Farm" home in the Upper Chippewa Valley. We feel sure that you are interested, and are still planning on owning a Wisconsin farm home.

Possibly there are some questions you would like to ask. Don't hesitate to write us, for we will be glad to answer any questions and send you further information at any time.

Won't you please mail the enclosed postcard or write and tell us if you still want a Wisconsin farm and if you want us to send you more of our literature? Possibly you have bought a farm elsewhere or decided not to move onto a farm of your own this season. Just mail the postcard so we will know whether or not to send you more literature.

Our new sales plan is the most liberal land buying offer ever made and if you really want a farm home of your own, here is your chance. Be sure you carefully read over the monthly payment plan.

Please mail the postcard to us today.

Yours very truly, Wisconsin Colonization Company


A Home For You And Yours 113

A post card is enclosed making it easy for the recipient to reply. It emphasizes the monthly payment plan, which carries out the savings idea.

A little more "atmosphere" is displayed in the fifth letter.

Letter number five is as follows:

Dear Mr..............

A few days ago I sent you a copy of the Dawn of a New Day. Of course you have read it through, so have all the members of your family.

The pictures tell a story that cannot be put into words. The fine modern homes of the older farmers and the attractive cottages of the new settlers all tell of the permanent prosperity of this rich dairy and diversified farming section of Wisconsin.

The faces of men, women, and children just beam with happiness and good health. You will be just as happy and healthy when you live on a farm of your own, where you are your own boss and where you get all the profit from your labor.

The invigorating out-of-doors air, pure water, and fresh vegetables and fruit from your own garden will keep you and the children healthy.