With a home of your own in a country where the climate is healthful, water pure, fuel to be had for the cutting, a garden where every kind of vegetable and fruit can be grown, where live stock flourishes and where the landscape is filled with scenic beauty---what more can man desire?

The Meadowbrook-Ojibwa country is the kind of place you and your family have long been looking for. This is a friendly country and we will all welcome you as a neighbor.

Let me know before you come to Ojibwa for I want to meet you and show you around the country. I know you will be pleased with this part of Sunny Southern Sawyer County. Write me now before you forget.

Yours very truly,

Wisconsin Colonization Company


Farm Lands Colonization Projects Farm Brokers Part 114

P. S. Send me the names of a few of your friends to whom you would like to have me send copies of the Dawn of a New Day.

Love of outdoors is the outstanding appeal here and is entirely different from the topic of any previous letter. It offers a new subject and should awaken a new interest.

Number six resorts to ingenuity to attract attention.

Written in script across the face is: "A special message for you." This is in red. The letter is intended as a reply to inquirers who answered previous letters. It introduces a new circular which details plans for buying the farm home. It is designed as a spur to dormant or lagging interest.

Farm Lands Colonization Projects Farm Brokers Part 115

So here goes your copy--Just Off The Press. Some brand new ideas on buying a farm. Any fellow who really wants a home of his own can secure a farm under one of these liberal Plans.

These new plans malice it possible for anyone who is willing to work, to own a piece of land and be his own boss. Carefully read over our new offer to give you special credit for cash payments or for clearing land. We originated the "Made-to-Order Farm" plan and were the first to use the thirty year amortization plan in the sale of lands. That reminds me of a quotation from Kipling.

"And they asked me how I did it, and I gave 'em the Scripture text,

'You keep your light so shining A little in front o' the next:

They copied all they could follow, But they couldn't read my mind,

And I left 'em sweating and stealing a year and a half behind."

Anyway our sales plans can't be beat and our farmers are succeeding. All we ask you to do is to come and see for yourself. Let me know when you will come to Ojibwe end how large a farm you are interested in. Mail the enclosed card to me today.

Yours very truly,

Farm Lands Colonization Projects Farm Brokers Part 116

P. S. Conditions in the cities are slowing down and the farm earnings are increasing. The wave of prosperous times for the farmer is on its way. Never was there a better time to buy farm land than Now.

The last letter is a summing up or "closing letter.

Farm Lands Colonization Projects Farm Brokers Part 117

In selecting your farm home you want fertile land on a good road, with an attractive house, a barn, tools and seeds. You want to live near friendly neighbors and in a community where the people meet together and have social good times. That's why you asked about our "Made-to-Order" farm plan. You felt that we had the kind of farm home you have long been looking for. You were right.

Remember, we don't "just sell land"; we colonize in group settlements. Our agricultural advisors will help you to succeed; we don't leave you to shift for yourself, a fact which will mean much to you and to your family.

A Prosperous Community

The copy of the Ojibwa Courier which we are mailing you today will give you an insight into the way the new farmers live.

Read about the Thanksgiving Dinner at

Meadowbrook. It's a real inspiration. Think of 235 new farmers and their families gathered together on Thanksgiving day in the Meadowbrook Community Hall. Last July 4 nearly 600 farmers - men, women and children - met at Ojibwa for a real old-fashioned Fourth. In the evening they enjoyed themselves at the community dance. Look at the pictures of the Ojibwa and Meadowbroook fairs published in the Courier. Notice the fine crops and livestock that are produced on our fertile lands. This is the kind of neighborhood you want to move into, for here the people work hard and yet find time to meet together for friendly good time and play.

300 Families Are Succeeding - So Can You!

More than 300 hard-working, happy families are living in this new community. There Is No Rent To Pay And No Fuel To Buy. Their cellars are filled with vegetables and fruits from their own gardens. No matter what may happen, they still have a home all their own, plenty of good things to eat and lots of fuel - three essentials of life. We have plenty of rainfall - no drought or grasshoppers to take the crop after you have planted it. There are no crop failures in Wisconsin.

"Made-T0-0rder" Farms

The Wisconsin Colonization "Made-to-Order" farm plan is the most liberal chance you have ever had to secure a farm home. It is the original "Made-to-Order" farm plan which combines land, buildings, tools, seeds and personal service. No better land buying offer has ever been made.

Don'T Be A Renter

On your own farm you are not working for a boss. You are earning and building a home for yourself and for your children. You have a feeling that the country belongs to you and it does. Here you have a chance to build up your own farm home - not some one else's rented land. The annual payments are less than you now must pay for rent.

Small Cash Payment

The cash payment on a "Made-to-Order" farm is only a few hundred dollars, just enough to show that you are in earnest. We then loan you back your cash payment as you clear land and give you 30 years to pay for your farm.

In buying a "Made-to-Order" farm you have your choice of four attractive and well built houses. You also get a small barn, tools and seed. All this with only a few hundred dollars payment and 30 years to pay the balance ! You can pay sooner if you wish.

Help You Own Your Own Home

Read our circulars and booklets over again and see what a really liberal chance we give you to own a fine farm home in a community of neighborly home builders. Remember this is not an ordinary land buying offer. You have a new house to move right into -good roads, nearby markets, schools and many new neighbors. You also have the help and co-operation of a strong and old established company.

Write Me Today

Write me a letter and let me know when you expect to visit Ojibwa. Don't put it off too long for you may not again have such a liberal chance to own your own home where the soil, location and terms of payment are as good, and the neighbors as friendly. Please write to me Today.

Yours for a "Made-to-Order" farm home.

Write Me Today 118

In this letter most of the points brought out in the previous letters are adverted to and the final paragraph suggests the action that if followed will bring buyer and seller together.

Part 2 - Farm Brokers

A different type of farm advertising is that of the farm broker. He deals with individual farms. His appeal is more specific. This is true in classified newspaper farm advertisements, which are very productive, as well as display spaces and circulars.

Best results are obtained from advertisements which offer stock and equipment along with the farm. This appeal to the saving instinct is very effective. Farm advertisers report by actual test many more inquiries from advertisements offering stock and equipment with a farm as compared to the same farm advertised without these assets. Also quicker action results. Equipment should be itemized if possible.

In this class of advertising the catalogue style has been successful. Good art work and actual photographs, providing the necessary "atmosphere," are important.

Cover pages of farm circulars that tempt the reader to investigate further are shown on page 169. Each has a desire creating suggestion.

This advertising by a large broker, who handles individual tracts on a commission basis, is model farm copy.

The artistic cover page of the Florida Catalogue of A. E. Strout Farm Agency, Inc., commands instant notice and pleasant contemplation. Predominant over the whole is "Glorious Summer Now in Florida," the appeal to bodily comfort. (See colored insert facing page 170.)

Separate pages from the booklet, while carrying out the catalogue idea, stress love of outdoors and other emotions. Note the careful attention paid to accurate detailed descriptions including farm equipment and offering suggestions concerning proper use of land. (See page 171.)

Write Me Today 119Write Me Today 120Write Me Today 121