Colonization undertakings conducted by company organizations and selling individual farms characterize farm land advertising.

While the emotional appeals are the same, the treatment of copy is essentially different. The district or community receives considerable attention in colonization propaganda, and a greater proportion of general advertising is done with a view to attracting attention to the enterprise. The specific selling follows after contact has been established through the general campaign.

The farm broker handles individual farms, and his advertising deals more with the one specific farm tract.

Part I - Colonization Advertising

The saving habit, speculative impulse, comfort, parental instinct, pride in ownership and love of outdoors are prominent in the appeals made.

As much human interest as possible should be injected into this type of advertising. It is important that drawings and reproductions of actual photographs be used wherever possible. Testimonial letters stimulate confidence.

Colonization advertising must of necessity be somewhat general. It is wise, however, to give as much detailed information as possible.

Use of color has been found very effective. Simple color schemes have given better results than more elaborate art displays. Drawings which tell a story are advocated by those who have made intensive studies of farm advertising.

Here is a broadside issued by the Halsell Farms Company that has proved its worth. (See opposite page.) This was the main feature and almost the only advertising matter used to create a market for these Texas farms. It resulted, however, in the sale of 100,000 acres in less than two years.

In two colors, it has the contrast necessary to attract attention. Skillfully emphasizing the outstanding advantages, and reinforcing the text by an ingenious drawing, this has demonstrated real pulling power.

This is a typical example of copy that does not argue with the reader but carries him along pleasantly but surely with suggestions and association of ideas until the action suggested - personal inspection of the land - is met with favor.

The Wisconsin Colonization Company of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has a mail campaign of seven

Where Nature is Your Friend- Not Your Enemy!

Who is there who has not at one time or another experienced the discouragement of having the very forces which should combine to your success, turn your efforts into nothing, and lay waste the crops in which you have invested so much time and money?

The forces of nature may provide health, happiness and prosperity - or they may take •11 these away from you - it just depends on your location. Location Is Everything. Where you find a location where natural resources are satisfactory, where there is just enough rainfall without danger of floods, where the sun shines with a life-giving warmth - There Is The Location For You.

Such a location is found at Halsell's Spring Lake Farms. Nature is kind to this section. Her forces are present in just the right degree - all things work together for the common good

This is a Cotton Country Where the Boll Weevil is Unknown

A strange statement - yet stranger trill because it it true! The Boll Weevil has always been the bane of the cotton grower's existence - often destroying an entire crop, and causing the loss of many thousands of dollars per season. We don't claim to understand the reason, but it is a fact nevertheless, that not one Boll Weevil has ever appeared in this section of Texas, and it would appear that the peculiar combination of climate and elevation it not one in which they can thrive Think What This Means To You.

This is Your Big Opportunity

A year ago we placed our first tract on the market - now it has been sold. In response to the enormous demand for farms of this unusual quality and low price on such easy terms, we are now offering the remainder of these wonderful farming lands - the Halsell Spring Lake Farms. When these have been sold - we have no more such land to offer.

Visit Halsell's Spring Lake Farms Now!

Yon can look without buying, but you can't buy without looking! We don't want you to take our word for it - we want you to see for yourself. If you do not believe in your own mind that this land will do all and more than we claim for it - if you are not convinced that it is an unusual buy at the low price asked - then there can be no deal You Must Be The Sole Judge.

Come Now - Talk to Men Who Have Moved Here

During the Last Year and See the Opportunity

That Awaits You Here.

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Which One Are You?

Are you toiling and slaving and struggling, trying to attain success against fearful odds while'carrying a load of incumbrances that continually drag you back?

Or have you exercised your better judgment and started to travel the smooth path to) prosperity, via easy terms, and with a load light enough to be easily carried?

If not, Now Is The Time To Begin. The secret of success in the big business of farming is low priced land which will produce high priced crops, and produce them in plenty. A small investment which works no hardship on you, plenty of time to pay, low interest, no inflation. These are the things we offer to help you win Success.

Which One Are You 104

You Can Own A Home Like This

There are no renters in the Ojibwa country. Nine out of every ten farmers in Upper Wisconsin own their own homes; no other state in the Union can boast such a rooord.

People here are making good.-that's because they own and do not rent.

Do you see what this will mean to yon at Ojibwa? You will be among the home kind of people, the kind that develop the country, build good schools, good roads and comfortable homes. They are good neighbors and have good sociable times. They aren't thinking of moving away next year or the year after. Folks like these are the kind to neighbor with and to bring up your family among.