We wanted to tell you about Ojibwa and Meadowbrook-- because every-body is proud of our community --but it would take so much space we Just couldn't write it all in a letter. So we told the printer about it --he has printed the circular which we are sending yon. Please read it --every word-because it tells just what kind of place OJibwa is.

Head about our schools and community clubs and the good times we have. See the pictures of the farm homes we build. See what advantages your children will have at Ojibwa, and then read what liberal terms we offer.

Surely yon will want to live in this country, where you can own your own home.

Yours for happiness at OJibwa, letters, which reinforced by circulars and booklets has been highly successful. The program has been perfected after many trials and experiments and is producing results.

Wisconsin Colonization Company By

Wisconsin Colonization Company By 105

The opening letter is shown on colored insert facing page 150.

The design of the letterhead tells a complete and interesting story. Appeals to the parental instinct and pride in ownership are strong in the picture and text. The letter lays the foundation for the follow-up campaign and opens the door for the printed circular.

Letter number two is as follows:

Wisconsin Colonization Company By 106

Our Service Department Helps You To Succeed At Ojibwa

You get more than bare land with your Ojibwa farm home. You get more than fertile soil, a new house, new barn, tools and seed. Under the Wisconsin Colonization Plan, you get the benefit of advice and aid of many-kinds given free by the company advisers who are located at Ojibwa. Our service department has helped many hundreds of farmers to get the right kind of start, and it will also help you to get a start.

We don't "just sell land"-we help build real homes and help make the community a pleasant place in which to live. For more than 20 years the men connected with the Wisconsin Colonization Plan have engaged in developing Wisconsin farm homes. More than 1,000 families are living on farms which our companies have sold to them. We are proud of this record.

The cash you are required to pay down is small. We make it as low as possible because we want you to hold back enough money to develop your farm quickly. We advance you money to improve your land, and we put up new buildings ; we just add these loans to your contract and give you 30 years to repay them. This means that all your time can be spent improving your farm during the first few years•

Your house and barn will be built by our service department at cost, so that you are saved a great deal of time and trouble, and are able to move right into your new home without the usual delay of building. It is a well-built house - not merely a tar paper shack - and it has hard-wood floors. It is sided with good lumber and is painted a light, cheerful color.

The company employs trained men to help you with your problems and to acquaint you with your neighbors and the country. No matter what your trouble is, you can ask one of the company advisers and he will try to help you.

The community, as well as the individual, profits from our service department. For instance, we have built community halls and campsites where the grown folk and children gather for meetings, dance and play. This is certainly a friendly country; the people work hard and play hard. You and your family will like the folks.

Space will not permit us to tell all the ways in which our service department benefits you. The work of the past year, however, will give you an idea of the countless things it does. During this time it has imported two cars of dairy cattle and advanced money for them. Several more carloads are on the way. It has brought in a number of trained farm specialists to help in poultry raising, milk production, land clearing, etc. It sold many cars of wood products for the settlers. It has installed radio outfits and added animals to the Ojibwa zoo. It furnished cartons, crates, and advertising literature for shipping eggs through the farmers' cooperative associations. It is helping to restock the creeks with fish, and has repaired roads at no cost to the settlers.

There are scores of other things the service department is doing all through the year----helping you get started and helping to make the community the best possible place in which to live.

Visit Ojibwa as soon as possible and see for yourself the great opportunity we offer you. Spend a day or two talking with the farmers who are now living in the community.

Our service is of just as much value to you as soil.

Yours for a prosperous farm home,

Our Service Department Helps You To Succeed At Oji 107

This communication is two pages in length, which is justified on the assumption that the first letter and circular have aroused some interest and that the recipient will be more likely to read two pages at this stage of the campaign than he would at first. Also longer letters to farm prospects are permissible than to others for the reason that the persons considering this class of real estate probably have more time and are more deliberate. It is noticed that this letter brings forward a new idea - that of service by the colonization company. This exposition of the kind of help that is to be given farmers in the Ojibwa district would remove the objections of many who might have been holding back.

The third letter ventures three pages of typewritten matter.

Our Service Department Helps You To Succeed At Oji 108

It Costs Less Than Rent

But even if it did cost more, why not Own Your Own Home? Renting results only in making a little money when conditions are good - if the landlord doesn't raise the rent. After all the years of renting you may or may not have a little cash in the bank, and that's all; - you haven't provided a home for yourself and for your children.