In the preparation of copy the typewriter should be used whenever possible, for the reason that most handwriting is difficult to read.

In planning the layout, due regard must be given the fact that type cannot be squeezed like rubber nor extended at will. An advertiser can better visualize the final appearance of his advertisement if he uses layout paper of the same size as the space to be occupied.

If familiar with type and type families the advertiser should specify them, but if not it is better to give the printer a general idea of the comparative size desired and depend upon him to set it up properly. Cooperation with the printer will aid materially in getting desired results.

Copy should be pasted, not pinned or clipped. All typewritten copy should be double or triple spaced, and only one side of the paper used.

"Yellow sheets" should never be used in preparation of copy. Most printers unfortunately must work by artificial light and it is a strain on the eyes to read from yellow paper under artificial light.

In use of cuts it should be remembered that the cut is fastened onto a cut block and space must be left for the block.

If a photograph, cut or drawing is to be reduced its dimensions may be determined as follows:

Bisect the rectangle into two right-angled triangles, as indicated by drawing. Measure desired length of photograph, as reduced, along base line of rectangle. The other dimension of the reduced photograph will be the perpendicular distance from the point indicated on the base line to the hypotenuse of the triangle.

Preparation Of Copy Correction Marks Type Faces 15

Frequently a photograph may be trimmed without injuring its advertising value. When it is necessary to economize on space or shape to limited dimensions this should be considered first before undertaking the reduction above described.

A page from the instruction book of the Kansas City Star on planning a layout.

This is the incorrect way to turn in layout and copy. Here the copy Is crowded into a, small space so that the printer has a difficult time in making it out. Too, be has no idea what size space to leave for cut. This sort of ar-rangemeot also makes trouble for the compos-ing room where ad is large and copy has to be cut and distributed to several machines.

Preparation Of Copy Correction Marks Type Faces 16

This is the correct way to turn in copy and layout. Heading Indicates about size of dts-play wanted, space for cut is plainly marked, copy Is typed and double spaced to leave room for corrections and for cutting when necessary. Copy should always be sent up on separate paper, typed where possible and always keyed as shown so compositor will know where each piece goes. Headings and sub-headings should be shown on separate line. Style and size of border wanted should always be specified.

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Proofreaders' Marks

Although The Times endeavors to send corrected proofs to advertisers, there are occasions when the large. amount of advertising received at a late hour makes this impossible. Herewith are shown the marks in general use which will prove useful in marking proofs correctly.

Preparation Of Copy Correction Marks Type Faces 20

Change bad letter Push down space Turn over Take out (dele)

Left out; insert Insert space Even spacing Less space Close up entirely Raise Lower

Line up; make the lines even with other matter

Straighten lines


Comma Colon Semicolon Apostrophe Quotation Hyphen Spell out Superior figure

Preparation Of Copy Correction Marks Type Faces 21

Inferior figure Move over Query

Out, see copy Em quad space One-em dash Two-em dash Paragraph No paragraph Wrong font Let it stand Let it stand

Transpose Capital letters Capital letters Small caps Small caps Lower case Italics Italics Bold face Bold face caps Roman

Preparation Of Copy Correction Marks Type Faces 22


Suitable for advertisements two or more columns wide.

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