The effectiveness of classified advertising depends much upon the choice of medium. The newspaper should be favored which keeps its columns free from untruthful or questionable advertising and news. Confidence and respect for a newspaper usually mean confidence and respect for its advertisements.

The newspaper that restricts use of black-face type in its classified columns and maintains a pleasing gray tone to its page usually is preferred over one that presents a spotted, muddy or disorderly appearance. Contrast can be obtained and individual advertisements emphasized without destroying this pleasing appearance of the page or the section.

Reproduction of a portion of an excellent page of classified real estate advertising is shown on page 60. It will be noted that display effects are obtained by large type and generous use of white space. Also contrasting type faces lend emphasis to some of the advertisements which dominate their columns. A black page effect is avoided, however, by use of open face display type.

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Two advertisements clearly dominate the space shown on page 61. Use of white space, large type and attractive typography produce the result.

From the standpoint of attracting attention the advertisement of A. A. Gambill Realty Company and W. B. Smith Real Estate and Insurance Company have greater power than those in the surrounding space. The Smith advertisement, however, could have been improved in text, if more specific information had been given. As it stands, it is vague and lacks the definite appeal considered so necessary in classi-fied advertising.

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An excellent example of classified advertising. Proper display effect is obtained through use of white space, and important features are emphasized by the paragraph arrangement.

A direct appeal is made to bodily comfort in depicting the fireplace in a large living room, with the sun room adjacent. "Large lot," double garage" and description of conveniences add force to this appeal.

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A good classified advertisement which depends entirely upon suggestion. Its appeal is to bodily ease and comfort.

The principal appeal is to pride in ownership. Use of the words "magnificent" and "wonderful" in the headlines could be improved upon, but as a whole the advertisement should be successful.

In spite of its length the advertisement below is not too wordy. The caption attracts attention immediately, and the text, beginning with the first three words, holds the reader's attention all the way to the point where action is suggested. This advertisement contains unmistakable appeals to pride in ownership, love of outdoors, and parental emotions.

Frequently advertisers declare that a view is "magnificent," forgetting that most buyers require more than the advertiser's judgment. It is more effective to tell why a view is "magnificent," as has been done in this advertisement.

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The caption arouses the curiosity of the reader sufficiently to stimulate a reading of the advertisement. This advertisement should be successful through its association of ideas, its appeal to love of outdoors and the suggestion to the reader that he buy a lot, design and build his own summer home.

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An example of successful appeal to curiosity, and ingenuity in classified advertising. The check mark is an ingenious device for focusing the eye on the advertisement, and the wording is a patent invitation to the curious. The announcement mentioned to follow should be doubly effective if it carries the same check mark, thus utilizing repetition as an aid to memory.

These advertisements are faulty because they are printed in all capital letters of the same size. The extreme uniformity of the type makes the advertisements monotonous in appearance and reading them causes an eye strain that is extremely unpleasant.

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Use of a timely topic to hold interest in the text. The associated ideas of smiles, Christmas and a bungalow are pleasant and put the reader in a happy frame of mind and a receptive mood.

Examples of general advertising in classified columns. This reinforces specific advertising and has for its purpose impressing upon the public mind the name and character of business of an individual concern.

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An excellent classified advertisement. It has great attention compelling value and is cleverly worded. It depends entirely on love of outdoors.

It is typographically good and avoids a top-heavy effect by using large type in the signature line and pyramid arrangement of type.

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Use of border as a means of emphasizing a classified advertisement permitted by many newspapers. One example is a plain rule border. The other shows a broken border, which is usually very effective in any form of advertising.

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Classified advertisements dealing with two phases of the real estate business - property management and brokerage. (See page 71.) In the first instance, immediate action is suggested, because space is being taken rapidly and an appeal is made to pride in ownership in the second paragraph. The investment advertisement effectively suggests profit with safety.