Florence Field employs a subdivision "broadside" demonstrating the use of contrasting colors to attract attention. (See colored insert facing page 118.) The plat is a device to gain interest. The human instinct to design leads many to follow the interesting paths on the drawing. After studying the attractive picture in the lower right hand corner, the power of association of ideas might intrigue the reader into trying to visualize a similar home somewhere on the plat.

The real estate equivalent of the "house organ" is the district or community newspaper, is a direct by mail device. (See page 121.)

The Country Club District Bulletin reproduced is sent to all residents of the district and to a large list of prospects. It is filled with news designed to keep active the community spirit and gain the interest of potential home buyers.

Preston Place at once leaps into the range of vision. The black and white contrast is pronounced, yet softened by the skill of the artist so that the whole is pleasing and has the power to create interest. The design has high merit. (See page 123.)

The text here is devoted largely to reasons why the seller should sell. It would have been improved by more cautious use of the word "we" and a more direct appeal to the buyer.

The last sentence in the copy is clearly an appeal to the buyer and is worthy of greater prominence.

Any one seeing a Redskin, in red ink, with a golf bag on his arm, running at full speed could hardly forget the Red Run Golf Subdivision. (See opposite page.) The association of ideas and the use of color on the cover page of this circular is an excellent memory aid.

An example of ingenuity in real estate advertising is given on page 125. The looped arrow immediately attracts attention and successfully retains the interest long enough to entice the reader into the high lights of the reading matter. There is danger, however, in subordinating the copy to the device. Ingenuity should be a means to an end. Its success depends upon its ability not only to attract attention but to induce a reading of the text.

Fascinating art pages form a booklet of genuine

Close to the New 200 Foot Wide Woodward Highway

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 79Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 80

Adjoining the Red Run

Golf Club


Stormfeltz-Loveley Company

Dard Of Our Activities

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 81Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 82


Better Built Bungalows

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 83

Open Sunday

3 to 5 P. M.

See our Model Home at 4520 Woolworth avenue. Three other Homes, all different plans. Fireplaces, bookcases, tile baths, built-in tubs, pedestal lavatories, built-in kitchens, breakfast tables, broom cupboard, canopy over gas stove. Pressed brick foundation and fireplace; 7-inch steel I-beam, 2x 10 joists; $65 allowance for light fixtures; windows shades, cement walks. Price $6,850. Terms. Come out today!

D. E. Buck & Co.

742 Omaha Nat'l


Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 84Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 85Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 86Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 87

in home surroundings All of the attributes which contribute toward making Rock hill an alluring setting for permanent homes are of his concept ion - winding roads. miles of low rock fences cov-ered with honeysuckle and rambler roses, picturesque rock bridges, nurseries for shrubs and trees, a cool, delightful rustic park, paving, sewers and all other improvements, the best that money and care could obtain - the whole protected forever against undesirable encroach ments be careful, rigid restrictions.

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 88Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 89

charm depicting Coral Gables, of Miami, Florida. (See page 127.) Devoted entirely to creating "atmosphere," this book makes a powerful appeal through association of ideas. It offers no specific home or home site.

An interesting sample from the subdivision booklet advertising Massachusetts Avenue Park of Washington, D. C. (See page 129.) "Front elevations," and "brick and mortar" are not sold by this booklet. It offers winding roads, wooded hillsides, pleasant vistas, comfort, ease and quiet.

A supreme example of the real estate advertising art is shown in the display from the booklet on Rockhill, a subdivision of high priced homes and homesites owned by the William R. Nelson estate in Kansas City, Missouri. (See page 131.)

Atmosphere, human interest and all the force of love of home and pride of ownership are realized in these alluring scenes. (See page 135.) The photography is exceptional, and the art work and typography perfect.

The booklet is strongly made, attractively bound, and is protected by a specially constructed heavy envelope that lends to its dignity and adds to its value. (See page 137.)

District ornamentation in the Country Club District, Kansas City, Missouri. (See page 139.) The placing of these objects of art gained many columns of news space. They are pointed out to all visitors and in themselves are of real advertising value. Other progressive subdivisions follow the same plan.

Models of subdivisions and buildings are being used to some extent in advertising and selling subdivisions. They present a bird's-eye picture of a location that is often an aid in selling.

The model is displayed at the main office of a real estate organization handling a subdivision. It attracts attention. Also a prospective buyer can locate a home or homesite and fix in his mind definitely the location, surroundings, methods of approach, etc.

Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 90Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 91Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 92Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 93Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 94Subdivision Vacant Improved District Ornamentation 95