The specific appeal is perfected by individual home offerings that are in keeping with the dignity and character of the whole advertisement. This is an example of broker's advertising containing forceful general, specific and institutional features.

Borders and designs may be ingeniously devised to attract attention. Here are two examples.

Huberth and Huberth demonstrate considerable skill in presenting two distinct properties in exceptionally few words. There is an appeal to pride and enough specific information is given to produce inquiries. It is solely a specific property offering. (See below.)

Broker Advertising Property Management Continued 66

Thoens & Flaunlacher, Inc., by means of the border design and trade mark emphasize "real estate service." This is an ingenious method of presenting general advertising in connection with a special offering. The expression "real estate service" is vague and could be bettered by use of more definite terms designating the kind of service offered, such as "property management," or "business leases."

Broker Advertising Property Management Continued 67Broker Advertising Property Management Continued 68

R. W. Bralton & Company appeals to the prospective investor. (See page 101.) To attract attention an unusual design is employed. The property is visualized by means of the photograph and in this way the person may see for himself the security back of his investment. The copy illustrates numbering items as a means of emphasis.

Good educational advertising by a broker is a circular reproduced on page 103. It suggests that persons in all walks of life may become wealthy through real estate purchases.

So, why not the reader!

Such a circular would be splendid reinforcement to an offering of a specific property sent in the same enclosure.

Two advertisements built on the same principle of appealing to the speculative impulse, and marketing the same class of real estate are shown on pages 105 and 107.

Each advertisement effectively employs the facsimile signature to attract attention and each follows the theory of reasoning out the situation with the reader.

Each is an appeal to the deliberate thinker and to the person who studies real estate and investments generally.

Broker Advertising Property Management Continued 69

One Dozen Reasons Why

1 Corner lot 62.10x174 feet

2 Centrally located

3 63 rooms, (Completely furnished), all outside

4 Modern conveniences

5 Brick alone in this building is appraised at more than $74,000

6 Lot alone'is worth over $35,000

7 Income $8,400 per year, with a fine possibility for a large increase

8 Pays a good net return,

9 A small cash payment will handle this

10 Year leases to responsible tenants

11 Lessee takes care of all repairs

12 This property should double in value within the next five years

For Farther Information. See

R. W. Bratton & Company

313 Fourth Avenue, North. Realtors Phone Main 444

The late Marshall Field, in an address on "How to Become Wealthy" said: "Buying real estate is not the best way, the quickest way or the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy".

One Dozen Reasons Why 70

For every million Marshall Field had invested in merchandise he had two millions invested in real estate.

Joseph Darst Realty Co.

105 North Eighth St

One Dozen Reasons Why 71

When Grover Cleveland was President Lots on Queens

Boulevard, in Jamaica sold for $150. each.

Today, they are valued at $5,000.

And many men who voted for, or against, Grover Cleveland failed to take the time and trouble, or lacked the foresight, to buy a few of these lots at the low prices they brought at Public Auction in 1888. Since that time the City's fastest and finest transit facilities have been extended to the heart of Jamaica, which now is the fuorth busiest Railroad Center in the United States. Population, homes and business builders have followed, and Jamaica to-day is a new "Brooklyn" in the making. To-day a plot 200x140 at Queens Boulevard and Hillside Avenue is valued at $200,000 by its owners, who have refused $125,000. Ten years ago this plot could have been purchased for $10,000. At the sale held in 1888 lots in the same vicinity, on Queens Boulevard, went begging at $100 to $150 each, while Hillside Ave. lots, now valued at $10,800 each, were sold with difficulty at $250 each.

Think of these cold, hard facts when you motor out to Queens'Boulevard and stop at Hillside Avenue - at Jamaica's busy "Four Corners" - to look at

Brairwood Estates on

Queens Boulevard

Boro. Of Queens, City Of New York through to Parsons Boulevard and Grand Central Parkway, on both sides of the new Briarwood Boulevard. Queens Boulevard Station of Fulton Street-Jamaica "L," at 5-cent fare to all parts of New York, is near.

678 Jamaica Lots to be sold separately at

Public Auction

On Premises, 2 P. M., Rain or Shine

Decoration Day, May 30th, and Saturday, May 31st

Easy Terms Title Policies Free

Geo. L. Harvey, Atty., 162 Remsen St., Brooklyn

Send For Bookmap

67 Liberty Street New York City

One Dozen Reasons Why 72

Cortlandt 0744 Telephone

One Dozen Reasons Why 73

The Howard E. Huselton advertisement might offhand be criticized because the wording in one or two places is so strong that it might arouse anger. This advertisement, however, was designed for a specific purpose. It was made to awaken a drowsy buying public. It was written with the thought that arousing even anger was better than permitting complete unconsciousness to endure.

The market was stubborn and the broker talked to his readers just as he would have talked face to face with a customer. If a prospect says "Your price is too high," or "The building is weak" or "The location is poor," there is something to talk about. It shows he has considered the offering and that his interest has been aroused. That sort of reply always provides an entering wedge.

If he merely says "I'm not interested," or "Don't bother me," there is nothing to stand on. The salesman is dismissed.

It takes a real shock to get action in such cases and "Investors with sense enough to buy" and "Use your head" probably are justified under such circumstances, but not ordinarily.

This advertisement also suggests an answer to the question, "How can I make money in real estate?" in this statement: "If you would profit by investment in real estate, accept a personal suggestion. Natural trafficways in a growing city are the nearest approach to a 'sure shot.' "

A broker's direct by mail appeal is reproduced on page III. Specially designed, cordial in tone, telling of things that interest the reader, this letter carries a personal message. The exterior and interior views add distinction.

As indicated by the footnote, the letter is used as a vehicle to carry the message of other home offerings, although gaining interest through the one feature electric home.

Confer Bros.



Minneapolis, Minnesota

One Dozen Reasons Why 74

Dear Folks:

You have Been the wonderful home labor-saving electrical devices on display at expositions - - but have you ever seen these same appliances - all of them that American ingenuity has produced - right in an attractive home, ready for use?

If you haven't, you will not want to miss seeing the Model Electrical Home before it is sold.

This attractive home was built by a group of local electrical firms as a compact, practical exposition for Minneapolis housewives to see.

They have now placed it in our hands for sale, and asked us to concentrate. You know what that means. It will go very soon.

Be sure to see this electrical home while it is still open for inspection. Some of our people will be there to show you everything, and answer all questions. It will be a revelation, we promise you. The address is 3405 Holmes Avenue South.

Cordially yours,

Confer Bros. Inc.

One Dozen Reasons Why 75

A few of the charming homes we now have for sale are shown on the inside of this letter.