What does this suitability of Minneapolis as a great industrial center mean?

It means that Minneapolis Real Estate offers greater opportunities than ever before. It means that rapid growth of the city is certain to increase the demand for Real Estate investments. It means you are sure to profit by such an invest ment. if your purchase is guarded by a knowledge of Real Estate Values.

You can obtain this knowledge by consulting a Realtor - a member of the Minneapolis Real Estate Board. X Realtor is qualified by years of experience to know Real Estate values, and is governed by a code of fair dealing established by the National Real Estate Board.

Your best investment - whether you are looking for a home, a homesite, a loan to build a home, a site for an industrial plant or commercial enterprise, or a long time lease in which to perpetuate your business - is Minneapolis Real Estate, if bought through a Realtor.

Minneapolis Real Estate Board

S28 McKnight Building

Institutional Advertising Illustrations Continued 131

National Real Estate Journal

October 22,.192:

National Real Estate Journal 132

Will you be independent? Will you own your home? Will you be living comfortably, happily, contentedly?


Will you still be struggling a!ong in uncertainty with no sure income or protection?

You should be independent at 65,

.You will be sure of it, if you prepare Now Thrift, sav-ftng and consistent investments in Kansas City Real Estate will do it

Start by hang a Home Owner This is the first and easiest thing for any man to do. Ask a Realtor, Banker or Building and Loan Official how to get started. They will show you how easy it is to get the capital you rnay need

With your own home'; you will have protection. The next step is to lay the foundation for a certain, regular income. Hundreds of people, by taking the advice of Realtors and making wise real estate Investments, enjoy a steady income which keeps them provided with all the necessities'and comforts of life.

Be Prepared--Set aside a portion of your income* regularly for Income-Bearing Real Estate Investments, such as Apartments. Duplexes. Long Term Business Leases. Real Estate Mortgages Savings and Loan or Building Association Shares.

See A Realtor

Invest in Real Estate - It Pays

Real Estate Board of Kansas City, Mo.

See A Realtor

National Real Estate Journal 133

"Real Estate Investments Protect" - Through such high class copy as this, the Kansas City board brought to the attention of the general public the value and safety of real estate investments. Truly a public service that all boards might render

City, Mo., in a full page newspaper advertisement. (See page 179.) Careful preparation of copy, excellent art work, high points emphasized, simple dignified border characterize this copy.

An institutional advertisement that is too complex is that on page 182. Based on a capital idea - the future growth of a city - it fails in execution. The text is too long. The display is so varied that it is confusing. Institutional advertising usually is more effective when the long list of subscribers is omitted. This adds to the confusion and distracts attention from the main object. If desired, direct contact with the reader may be established through the medium of a free booklet, as in the Industrial Advertisement of the Minneapolis Real Estate Board or other similar device. Many boards, however, prefer to rely entirely on the indirect results.

The advertisement on page 183 shows a successful handling of the same idea. Based on the parental emotion and strongly emphasizing investment opportunity, this copy cleverly and humanly holds the interest as it visions the future in comparison with the present. The copy is simple and easy to read. The artist has skillfully told the story in a manner that not only at once attracts attention but gains interest. The whole creates desire and "Invest in Real Estate - It Pays," suggests action.

National Real Estate Journal 134National Real Estate Journal 135

MY father missed his opportunity to become in dependent by failing to invest in Kansas City Real Estate" when he had the chance. This he always regretted.

"I intend to profit by his experience. I purchased the land on which we are now standing after having advised with Realtors and experts in city development, and, some day, you and I will reap the profits that are sure to come from my, investment.

"Kansas City IS growing and no man can tell when it will stop. .This land is in direct line with the city's progress some day it will be needed as a site for a big building; it will be leased, and will bring you and me a certain regular in come every year.

"Kansas City will continue to grow. Her location is the gateway to the Great Southwest - a region of abundant-natural advantages second to none in the world. This fact, alone, insures a constant and steady increase in business and population.

"This growth will create an increasing demand for rial estate ---locations for.jobbing,houses„warehouses, bank, theaters office buildings, hotels, apartment and homes. As the need for sites for these purposes increases, the competition for favorable locations, will, become more and more keen and real estate will naturally increase in. value,

"Remember this, my boy; no investment that you or make will bring us as sure and profitable a return as that made in Kansas City real estate, and no investment can be safer.

Invest in Real Estate-:-lt Pays

Consult a Realtor. It it his business to know and advise you how to invest in sound and profitable real estate opportunities.