"Rules are made but to be broken!"

That which is theoretically correct in real estate advertising sometimes fails of results. An advertisement which violates all basic principles sometimes succeeds.


Because the human element which enters into the problem is eternally inconsistent and uncertain.

Mental processes vary widely in the same person under different conditions. Under normal conditions, however, the mind obeys certain well known general laws.

Many excellent treatises, both technical and practical, are extant dealing with these laws and their relation to general advertising.

But the real estate business has become specialized. The march of progress has brought new standards of salesmanship and advertising. Generalities no longer suffice.

This volume is a discussion of the fundamentals of advertising as they apply especially to the real estate business.

Stripped of technicalities and discussed from the viewpoint of real estate salesmanship it is hoped that this study will be a practical aid to the busy Realtor who has neither the time nor the facilities for making his own research.

The Author.