Most real estate transactions have news value and cooperation with the real estate reporter or editor will mean much to the broker.

Publicity cannot be considered in the light of advertising, although closely related to it and vital in the development of a large real estate business. A broker must not expect to get into the news columns what should be run in advertising space over his name and paid for. Legitimate real estate news always will command space, but it must be news.

Leases that mean an enlarged or new industry, sales that show big gains in property values over previous prices, unusual house designs, projected development of a new district, happenings of unusual nature, human interest events, historical atmosphere surrounding a property being sold or developed, constitute items of news value.

A little thought or investigation often will develop a real news story in connection with a sale or lease that otherwise would be passed by without comment. Newspapers usually make a practice of printing the names of the brokers interested in the transaction.

The broker should remember that the relations between the newspaper and the real estate man should be reciprocal in all respects.