If, during the term of this lease, the building or premises are destroyed by fire, or other action of the elements, or partially destroyed so as to render the premises demised wholly unfit for occupancy, or if they shall be so badly injured that they cannot be repaired within sixty days after the happening of the injury, then this lease shall cease and become null and void from the date of such damage or destruction, and the lessee shall immediately surrender said premises, and all interests therein, to said lessor,, and said lessee shall pay rent within this term only to the time of such surrender; and in case of destruction or partial destruction as above mentioned, the said lessor may re-enter and re-possess said premises discharged of this lease, and may remove all parties therefrom; and if said premises shall be repairable within sixty days from happening of said injury, then said rent shall not run or accrue after such injury and while the process of repairs is going on, and the lessor shall repair the same with all reasonable speed, and the rent shall recommence immediately after said repairs shall be completed; but if said premises shall be so slightly injured by fire or the elements as not to be rendered unfit for occupancy, then the said lessor agrees that the same shall be repaired with reasonable promptitude; and in that case the rent accrued and accruing shall not cease or determine. In no case shall the lessee be entitled to compensation or damages on account of any inconvenience or annoyance, or destruction by fire or earthquakes or by other actions of the elements, or by reconstruction or repair of any portion of said building; nor for any damage to or loss of property in said premises from any cause.