And for the consideration aforesaid, the said party of the second part further covenants and agrees with said party of the first part,, his executors, administrators, and assigns, to take good care of the apartments demised and their fixtures, and to commit and suffer no waste therein; that no changes or alterations of the premises shall be made, or partitions erected nor walls papered, without the consent in writing of said lessor; that said second party will make all repairs required to the walls, ceilings, paint, plastering, plumbing work, pipes, and fixtures belonging to said apartments, whenever damage or injury to the same shall have resulted from misuse or neglect; that said premises shall not be used as a "boarding" or "lodging" house, nor for a school, or to give instruction in music or singing,, and none of the rooms shall be offered for lease by placing notices on any door, window or wall of the building, nor by advertising the same directly or indirectly, in any newspaper, or otherwise; that there shall be no lounging, sitting upon, or unnecessary tarrying in or upon the front steps, the sidewalk, railing, stairways, halls, landing, or other public places of the said building by the said lessee, members of the family, or other persons connected with the occupancy of the demised premises; that no provisions, milk, ice, marketing, groceries, or like merchandise, shall be taken in to the demised premises through the front door of said building; that said lessee, and those occupying under said lessee, shall not interfere with the furnace, heating apparatus, or with the gas or other lights of said building which are not within the apartments hereby demised, nor with the control of any of the public portions of said building; that the said lessee and those occupying under said lessee will comply with, and conform to all reasonable rules or regulations that the lessor may make for the protection of the building or the general welfare and comfort of the occupants thereof; and will conform to and comply with the notices and requirements posted in the halls of said building. And that said party of the first part shall have the right to put up notices to rent on the hall doors, and to show said premises between the hours of 10 and 12 A. M. of each day, for thirty days prior to the expiration of this lease.