An estate tail may, by the terms of its creation, be an estate tail general or an estate tail special. An estate tail general arises when the estate is given to a man and the heirs of his body generally. An estate tail special arises when the estate is limited to the heirs of the donee's body by a certain wife or husband, whether by a limitation to that effect on a gift to him or her, or by a gift to two persons married or capable of marriage, and the heirs of their bodies.59 Moreover, either an estate tail general or an estate tail special may be restricted to male or female heirs, it being then termed an "estate tail male," or an "estate tail female," as the case may be. In the case of an

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Real Property.

[Sec.26 estate tail male, not only are the female issue excluded, but also the male issue of female issue, it being necessary to trace the descent through males, and the same rule applies, mutatis mutandis, in the case of an estate tail female.60