Adalbert Von Ciiamisso, or Louis Charles Adelaide de Chamisso de Bonconrt, a German poet and naturalist, born at Boncourt, France, Jan. 27, 1781, died in Berlin, Aug. 21, 1838. He went in his boyhood to Berlin, where he became a page of the queen of Prussia, and studied at the French gymnasium. He was a lieutenant from 1798 to 1806, when he returned to France; but he went again to Berlin in 1811 to study natural history. He accompanied Otto von Kotzebue as naturalist in Count Rumiantzeff's expedition around the world, 1815-'18, was subsequently employed in the botanical garden in Berlin, and was a member of the academy of sciences. He wrote the famous story of Peter Schlemihl(1814; 9th ed., Hamburg, 1867; new illustrated ed., 1868), which has been translated into the principal foreign languages. Among his Gediclite (17th ed., Leipsic, 1861) are many poems which gave him a foremost rank among the lyrical poets of his country. They fill the 3d and 4th volumes of his Gesam-melte Werle (6 vols., 1836-'9; 5th ed., 1864), the first two volumes containing his Reise um die Welt, and the 5th and 6th his biography and correspondence. His other publications include another work on his travels, one relating to botany, and one upon the Hawaiian language.

With Varnhagen von Ense he edited for some time the Musenalmanach.