Antonio Rosmini Serbati, an Italian philosopher, born in Roveredo, March 24, 1797, died at Stresa, July 1, 1855. He took priest's orders at the age of 24, and in 1827 published his Introduzione alla filosofia, followed in 1829 by Il nuouo saggio sull' origine delle idee. In 1828 he founded "the brethren of charity," a religious order, which was confirmed by the pope in 1839. In 1836 he became abbot of San Michele della Chiusa, where he founded "the sisters of Providence." In 1848 Pius IX. nominated him to the cardinalate; but on account of his work on church government and reform, Cinque piaghe della santa chiesa ("Five "Wounds of the Church "), and one of his political tracts, La costituzione secondo la giustizia sociale, he was not confirmed, and the books were put upon the catalogue of the Index Ex-purgatorius. His published works amounted to 35 volumes, 14 being posthumous. Father Lockhart published a memoir of Rosmini in 1856, and Vincenzo Garelli another in 1861. (See Philosophy, vol. xiii., p. 440).