Antpine Marie Philippe Lonis D'Orleans Montpensier, duke de, a French prince, youngest son of Louis Philippe, born at Neuilly, July 31, 1824. He was educated at the college Henri IV., became a lieutenant in the army in 1842, and fought in Algeria, where he was slightly wounded, in 1844. On Oct. 10, 1846, he married the sister of Isabella II. of Spain, an alliance which gave rise to serious complications, owing to the belief that it was intended by Louis Philippe to raise his son to the Spanish throne in view of the anticipated childlessness of Isabella, whose marriage.with her cousin Francisco d'Assis was at the same time planned by the French king. He shared his father's exile in England in 1848, and subsequently resided at Seville. The titles of infante and of captain general of the Spanish army were conferred upon him in 1859. In 1868 he left for a time, and in 1870 was a candidate for the throne. The rival candidate, Don Enrique de Borbon, brother of Isabella's husband, having alluded to him in offensive terms, was challenged by Montpensier. They fought March 12, and at the third shot Enrique fell dead.

The duke was sentenced by a court martial to one month's banishment and a tine of $6,000. In 1871 he was exiled to Port Mahon for refusing to take the oath of allegiance to King Amadous but as a candidate to the cortes he was allowed to return to Madrid. He soon left for Pari-, whore he still resides. His elder daughter Isabella was married in 1864 to her cmsin the count de Paris. In 1874 he lent his celebrated collection of Spanish paintings for exhibition in Boston.