Baccara, Or Baccarat, a French game of cards, said to have been first introduced into France from Italy at the time of the wars of Charles VIII. Any number of players may participate, and as many packs of cards may be used as necessary. The face cards each count ten, and the others according to the number of their spots. After the bets have been made the banker deals two cards to each of the players, including himself. The aim is to make the numbers 9, 19, 29, or as nearly those as possible, as 8, 18, 28; and any player is at liberty either to "stand" or be "content" with the two cards first dealt, or to call for more at the risk of exceeding 29, when his stake is forfeited to the dealer. If, after the first distribution of two cards to each, any player has a "natural," that is, a sum making 9, or next in value 19, he declares it wins, and the banker pays all who hold superior hands to his own, and claims from those holding inferior. This game has become common in America, where it is played in a slightly different manner, the face cards and tens counting nothing, and the " naturals" being the sums 9 and 8.