Barclay, Or Barday-Allardice, Robert, com-monly known as Captain Barclay, a British pedestrian and a captain in the British army. born Aug. 25, 1779, died May 8, 1854. His father, a skilful farmer, descended from the famous Quaker, Barclay of Ury, was himself a noted pedestrian, having walked 510 miles in 10 days. His son at the age of 15 won his fir^t match, walking 6 miles within an hour. In December, 1799, he walked 150 miles in two days; in June, 1800, 300 miles in five days; in 180l, 110 miles in 19 hours 27 minutes; and in 1806, 100 miles in 19 hours, on a hilly pub-lic road. One of his most surprising perform-ances was walking 1,000 miles in 1,000 suc-cessive hours; £100,000 were staked on the result. After the feat was accomplished-, Barclay slept 17 hours, and awoke in his usual health and vigor. He afterward trained Tom Cribb, champion of England, for his fight with Molyneux, which took place Sept. 29, 1811. In the latter part of his life Captain Barclay devoted himself to the cultivation of his pater-nal estate, and to breeding sheep and cattle.

In right of his mother, Sarah Ann Allardice, he received a charter of the barony of Allardice in 1800; and in 1839 he laid claim to the barony of Airth, as heir through her of William Graham, last earl of Airth and Monteith (died 1694).