Beauvau, de, an ancient French family of Anjou. - Rene aided Duke Rene of Anjou in the conquest of Naples, and was mortally wounded at the battle of Benevento in 1266. - Louis cooperated in the reconquest of Normandy from the English, 1449-'50, and died in 1462. - Ber-trand, who died in 1474, was one of the counsellors of Charles VII. and Louis XL, and was frequently employed in diplomatic missions. - Rene Francois, born in 1664, was bishop of Tournay, and during the siege of that city by Prince Eugene was distinguished for his charity. He was president of the states of Langue-doc over 20 years, and patronized many learned publications relating to that part of France. He died Aug. 4, 1739. - Charles Juste, born at Luneville, Sept. 10, 1720, distinguished himself at the siege of Prague in 1742, and in various subsequent engagements, especially at Corbach in 1760. He became a member of the academy, governor of Provence, and marshal, and was for five months in 1789 a member of the cabinet of Louis XVI. He died May 2, 1793.