Bergonzi, the name of a family of Italian stringed instrument makers. I. Carlo, born and died at Cremona. He was a pupil of Stradi-varius, and was actively employed in the construction of violins, violas, and violoncellos from 1716 to 1755. He often imitated his master's style, especially in the purfling and the form of the sound hole. He had also the secret of the varnish which lent so much beauty to the violins of that maker. He was chiefly renowned for the excellence of his violoncellos. His instruments are quite rare and very valuable, as he ranked probably third in merit among the Cremona makers,* that is, next after Guar-nerius, Stradivarius holding undoubtedly the first position. II. Michel Angela, son of the preceding, was also a violin maker, but greatly inferior to his father in workmanship and finish, as also in varnish. His instruments bear date from 1750 to 1780. III. Nicolo, son of Michael Angelo, born in 1758, died in 1838. The earliest of his known instruments, a viola, is dated 1780. He formed the connecting link between the days of Stradivarius and our own, remembering and pointing out the house where the great violin maker lived.