Black Hole, a small close dungeon in Fort William, Calcutta, in which on the capture of Calcutta by Surajah Dowlah, June 20, 1750, the British garrison, consisting of 140 men, under the command of Mr. Holwell, were locked up for the night. It was a strongly barred room, 18 ft. square. There were only two window's, both opening toward the west, whence under the best of circumstances but little air could enter, which was further obstructed by a projecting veranda outside, and thick iron bars within. At the same time conflagrations raging in different parts of the fort gave the atmosphere an unusual oppressiveness. In a short time their sufferings from thirst and the foul and stifling air became terrible, and in a few hours several had died. Only 23 survived till morning, when they were released. Among these was Mr. Holwell, who published a narrative of the event in the "Annual Register" for 1758. The black hole is now used as a warehouse, and an obelisk 50 ft. high, erected in memory of the victims, stands before the gate.