Bohlen. Peter von, a German orientalist, horn at Wuppels, Oldenburg, March 13, 1796 died id Halle, Feb. 6,1840. He was of humble origin and had to struggle with adversity till 1817, when the freemasons of Hamburg enabled him to study at the gymnasium of that city, and he perfected his knowledge of oriental languages in Halle and Bonn. In 1822 he became adjunct professor at Bonn, and in 1825 professor extraordinary of oriental languages in Ko-nigsberg, and in 1830 ordinary professor. He visited England in 1831 and 1837, and for the improvement of his health he spent some time in southern France, whence he removed in 1839 to Halle. His principal works: are Das alte In-dien(2 vols., Konigsberg, 1830-31); his edition of Bhartrihari's Spruche (Berlin, 1833, with a German translation, Hamburg, 1835); Die Genesis, historisch-kritisch erlautert (Konigsberg, 1835); his edition of Kalidasa's Ritusanhdra (Leipsic, 1840); and his Autobiographie, edited by Voigt (Konigsberg, 1841; 2d ed. with his correspondence, 1843).