Bouches-Du-Rhone, a S. E. department of France, in Provence, on the Mediterranean, comprising the delta of the Rh6ne, bounded N. by the Durance and W. by the Rhdne; area, 1,971 sq. m.; pop. in 1872, 554,911. The Rhone divides within the province into two branches, forming a delta called the island of Camargue, which is partly occupied by marshes and lagoons. On the north of the lagoons is La Crau, a dreary plain, mostly of gravel, stretching to Aries; during the summer it is entirely arid and waste, though in winter it furnishes pasture for sheep and goats. These flocks are sent to the mountains about the beginning of the spring, and return in the autumn. The horses and cattle are few and of poor breed. The quantity of corn gathered in the department is insufficient, while the produce of wine leaves a large surplus for export. Silkworms are raised in large quantities; and olives are cultivated on a great scale, being partly exported as fruit, and partly converted into oil. There are manufactories of soap, hosiery, and silk, sugar refineries, and oil mills. The trade is mainly carried on through the port of Marseilles, the capital.

The department is divided into the arrondissements of Marseilles, Aix, and Aries.