Pierre Dupont De L'Etang,, count, a French general, born at Chabannais, Angoumois, July 14, 1765, died Feb. 16, 1838. Appointed brigadier general in 1793 and general of division in 1797, he joined Bonaparte on the 18th Bru-maire, contributed to the victory of Marengo, and at the close of 1800 defeated an overwhelming Austrian force at Pozzolo on the banks of the Mincio. He won new laurels in 1805 and 1806 during the campaigns in Austria and Prussia, and in 1807, by a bold movement against the Russian imperial guard, decided the victory of Friedland. Sent to Spain in command of the army which was to conquer Andalusia, he was successful at first, but was surrounded in the Sierra Morena by a Spanish army under Castafios, and surrendered with his whole force, July 22, 1808. For this act, known as the capitulation of Baylen, Du-pont was by imperial decree degraded from his rank and sent to the fort of Joux in the Jura. The fall of the empire restored him to liberty, and his supposed hatred of the emperor led to his appointment as minister of war, and the cancelling of all the proceedings against him; but he was soon dismissed from that office. After the second restoration he was appointed member of the privy council. His native department elected him several times to the chamber of deputies.

He published pamphlets on the recruiting system and the campaign of Austria, and observations on Montgaillard's Histoire de France.