Pierre Jean Baptiste Chaussard, a French .author, horn in Paris in 1760, died there in 1823. He had achieved considerable reputation as a jurist and scholar at the outbreak of the revolution, in which he took an active part under the name of Publicola. He was appointed commissioner in Belgium, but his arbitrary proceedings led to his speedy return to Paris. For a short time he held several local offices, and from 1803 to 1815 he was professor in various towns. The restoration depriving him of employment, he continued to write on a great variety of subjects. The best of his works is Epitre sur quelques genres dont Boi-leau n'a point fait mention dans son Art poe-tique (1811), of which he published in 1817 a poetical version under the title of Poetique secondaire, etc. His most popular ode was L'Industrie et les arts. His works on Greek courtesans and on Heliogabalus have been censured on account of their superficial and licentious character; but his works on art, education, etc, enjoy a better reputation.