Pierre Jean Beckx, general of the society of Jesus, born at Sichem, near Louvain, Belgium, Feb. 8, 1795. He was admitted to the society of Jesus at Hildesheim in 1819, was confessor of Ferdinand of Anhalt-Kothen after the conversion of the duke and duchess to Roman Catholicism in 1825, and became pastor of the newly established church at Kothen. After Duke Ferdinand's death in 1830 he accompanied his widow, the duchess Julia, countess of Brandenburg (natural daughter of Frederick William III. of Prussia), to Vienna. In 1847 he was appointed procurator for the society in Austria, but the revolution of 1848 obliged him to leave that country, and he became rector of the college of Louvain. Subsequently he was the superior of the society for Hungary, and eventually provincial for the whole Austrian empire excepting Galicia. After the death of F. Roothaan, May 8, 1853, he was elected general of the society, July 2. His principal work, Der Monat Maria (Vienna, 1843; 9th ed., 1861) has been translated into Italian, Bohemian, and Polish. In December, 1871, he published an appeal to the representatives of foreign governments on the question of the seizure by the Italian cabinet of the great convent of St. Andrew on the Quirinal.