I. Ippolito

Ippolito, an Italian poet, born in Yerona, Nov. 13, 1753, died there, Nov. 18, 1828. He was educated at the college of Este and at Modena, travelled through France, Germany, Holland, and England, resided for a time in Malta and Sicily, and finally settled in Avesa near Verona. His chief works are: Poesie campestri (1785), to which, in a later edition, he added prose essays, making the title Prose e poesie campestri (1795); Ar-minio, a tragedy (1804); Sermoni (1805), satires upon the follies of the times; a translation of the Odyssey into blank verse (part appearing 1809, completed 1822); Epistole in versi (1819); and Elogi di letterati (1825-'6), a volume of literary biographies.

II. Giovanni

Giovanni, elder brother of the preceding, born in Verona in 1751, died Jan. 23,1812. During the Napoleonic period he was a member of the legislative body of the kingdom of Italy. He wrote many dramatic works, among them I Bacca-nalij and translated Ovid's Remedia Amoris. His dramas were published as Componimenti teatrali (4 vols., Milan, 1804).