Queen Charlotte Islands, a group in the N. Pacific ocean, about 130 m. N. W. of Vancouver island, and about 80 m. from the coast of British Columbia, to which they belong. They consist of four principal islands, with numerous adjacent islets, extending N. N. W. and S. S. E. about 180 m., and separated by narrow channels; aggregate area about 5,000 sq. m. The largest islands are Prevost at the southern extremity of the group, Moresby, Graham, and North at the northern. Moresby island is about 80 m. long and from 10 to 30 m. wide, with an area of 1,500 sq. m. Graham island is about 80 m. long and from 20 to 60 m. wide, with an area of 3,000 sq. m. Prevost and North islands are much smaller. The surface is hilly, but not mountainous. The interior is clothed with magnificent forests of pine, cedar, and similar trees. Copper and iron ores and anthracite coal have been found. Various kinds of berries are abundant, and potatoes are cultivated by the natives. There is thought to be much arable land. The climate is equable, the winters being mild and the summers cool. The harbors are numerous. The surrounding waters swarm with fish.

The natives, divided into several tribes, number 4,000 or 5,000.