Rene Menard, a French missionary, born in Paris in 1604, died near Lake Superior in August, 1661. He entered the society of Jesus in 1624, and was the spiritual guide of theDail-leboust family, prominent in the settlement of Montreal. Menard himself went thither in 1640. He was soon after sent to the Nipis-sings in Upper Canada; after laboring among them and other Algonquin tribes till the Iroquois completely overthrew the Hurons, he was stationed at Three Rivers. When a mission was begun among the Iroquois, he was sent to Cayuga in 1656, and subsequently to Oneida, and labored with success, though at the risk of his life, and often subjected to personal violence. After the breaking up of the Iroquois missions in 1658 and 1660, he was sent. to the Ottawas on Lake Superior to begin a mission in the far west. He suffered greatly from the brutality of the Indians, but reached their country and began a mission at St. Teresa's on Keweenaw bay. In the summer of 1061 he yielded to the appeal of some fugitive Hurons on the Black river, and while toiling to reach them was lost or cut off by Indians.