Robert Charles Dallas, a British author, brother of A. J. Dallas, born at Kingston, Jamaica, in 1754, died at St. Adresse, Normandy, Oct. 21, 1824. He was educated at Kensington, England, entered the Inner Temple as a law student, and returned to Jamaica in 1775, where he remained three years, after which he took up his residence in England. His sister having married Lord Byron's uncle, Byron and he became friends, and it was by his advice that "Childe Harold" was published, Byron giving him the £600 which he received for the copyright. After Byron's death he prepared for the press "The Private Correspondence of Lord Byron," but was restrained from its publication by an injunction obtained by Byron's executors. He however prepared his "Recollections of Lord Byron," which was published posthumously. Among his publications are: "Miscellaneous Writings" (4to, 1797); "Annals of the French Revolution," from the French of Bertrand de Moleville (9 vols. 8vo, 1800-'2); "The History of the Maroons" (2 vols. 8vo, 1803-'4); "Aubrey," a novel (1804); "The Morlands, Tales illustrative of the Simple and Surprising " (1805); "The Knights, Tales illustrative of the Marvellous" (1808); "The New Conspiracy against the Jesuits" (1815); and several translations from the French.