Robert Jameson, a Scottish naturalist, born in Leith, July 11, 1774, died April 17, 1854. He studied medicine in the university of Edinburgh, and after some mineralogical explorations in Scotland went in 1800 to Freiberg, •and became a pupil of Werner, whose geological dogmas he adopted with enthusiasm. Returning to Edinburgh in 1804, he was soon after appointed professor of natural history in the university of that city, a position which he held until his death. For many years he was an active advocate of the Wernerian theory, but finally adopted and taught that of Hutton. His publications are purely scientific, and include manuals of instruction, and many contributions to scientific journals. His most elaborate works are his " System of Mineralogy " (3 vols., 1804-'8), and " External Characters of Minerals " (1805). In 1819 he established the "Edinburgh Philosophical Journal," of which for many years he was the sole editor. He is also the author of the articles on " Geology," "Mineralogy," and " Organic Remains " in the " Encyclopaedia Britannica."