Robert Philippe Lonis Engene Ferdinand Dorleans Chartres, duke de, a French prince, second son of the late duke of Orleans and grandson of Louis Philippe, born in Paris, Nov. 9, 1840. Having lost his father at the age of two, he lived with his mother, the duchess Helene, at Eisenach, Germany, till after the revolution of Feb. 24, 1848, when he joined his relatives in England. In 1860 he accompanied his elder brother, the count de Paris, to the East, and in the following year to the United States, where they served on the stuff of Gen. McClellan till July, 1862, after which they returned to England. During the Franco-German war he distinguished himself on the staff of Gen. Chanzy, under the assumed name of Robert le Fort. M. Thiers promoted him, after the abrogation of the decree of banishment of the Orleans family, to the rank of major, gave him the cross of the legion of honor, and permitted him to remain an honorary officer of the French army, in which capacity he has served in Algeria since 1872. In 1803 he married his cousin, Franchise Marie Ainelie d'Orleans, eldest daughter of the prince de Joinville, by whom he has four children, He has published Souvenirs de voyages (1809), and an introduction to his father's posthumous Campagnes de l'armee d'Afrique de 1835 d 1839 (1870).