I. Eugene Joseph

Eugene Joseph, a Belgian painter, born at Warneton, "West Flanders, June 8, 1799. He studied under his father, who had settled in Brussels as a sculptor, and learned painting alone. In 1821 he became known as an animal painter by his " Cattle Market at Geneva." In 1834 he received 10,000 francs from Baron James de Rothschild of Paris for his " Herd of Cattle in an Autumn Landscape." Some of his subsequent works, several of which are in the United States, brought still higher prices. Among them are "A Herd of Sheep overtaken by a Storm," "Horses attacked by Wolves," and "A Herd of Cattle in the Roman Campagna." He has published several volumes of etchings.

II. Charles Louis

Charles Louis, a Belgian painter, brother of the preceding, born in 1802. He was a pupil of his brother, and at first painted animals; but he afterward resided in Holland, devoting himself to marine painting. His works include "Fishing Boats drying their Sails," "Rising Tide," " Fishing Vessels in sight of Fort Lillo," and "View of the Port of Flushing".